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It’s a dream come true to see and use this level of high-end VFX assets and bring my projects to life no matter the scope. MakeBIGFILMS platform is an absolute must for filmmakers and VFX artists.
Chris Connor
Filmmaker, VFX Artist
Using the BIGFILMS effects has opened up a new creative route for me. The way they have their assets set up right out of the box makes using them in any of your projects a complete joy.
Stuart Lippincott
Digital Artist & Producer
As a professional VFX artist, I have fallen in love with MakeBigFilms. My best-performing action films have all exclusively used BIGFILMS' assets!
Will Carmack
Filmmaker & VFX Artist
I've used MakeBIGFILMS VFX on several different projects and they work amazingly well every time. Their easy drag and drop effects have saved me a lot of time and taken my projects to the next level!
Rune Nissen
Filmmaker, Creative Director
The assets that BIGFILMS provide are top tier compared to everything else out there. They’re easy to use, and they work in virtually any scene you could imagine. I can’t recommend them enough.
Orie McGinness
Filmmaker & VFX
Extraordinary VFX assets! BIGFILMS transformed my projects into visual masterpieces. Their expertise and creativity are unparalleled. I’m always thrilled with the results!
Sergio Abouibrahim
Digital Creative Director
Super easy to use, top quality, pre-composed! We couldn't ask for a better way to do fast VFX when we were working on the previz action shots on John Wick 4!
Teddy Masson
Filmmaker & Action DP
These guys are game changers. Their work has inspired me to create pieces I wouldn't have imagined otherwise. An absolute must for all VFX artists whether you're just starting or a pro!
Joshua Halunga
Filmmaker & Content Creator